New Membership

New members are welcome to our great little club.

Members must reside within the Lane Cove Municipal area or have a strong association with the Lane Cove / Greenwich area. 

Please click on the green "New Member Payment" button to register and pay for your 2022-23 membership. All membership types are available.

Membership Categories and annual fees:
Family: $250.00 [2 Adults plus any number of their children living at home]
Adult: $125.00 [Adults 18 and over]
Uni-Student: $35.00 [Adults up to 21 years of age doing full time study]
Junior: $35.00 [Children up to 18 years of age]
Non-Playing Adult: $0 [Non-playing parent of a Junior Member or Uni-Student Member living at home]
Life Member or Honorary Member: $0 [Special membership awarded by the club]

Note: Family applications still need to complete the "Membership Offering /Type" for each person.