Annual Tennis Program

The club committee develops an Annual Tennis Program for each calendar year to maximise the opportunity for members to play and improve their tennis through competition, social play and coaching. A ball machine is also available for use. The following links provide detailed information including rules, draws, results and contacts:


Player of The Year

Player of the Year Awards

2016 - Edy Sirca

2017 - Edy Sirca

2018 - Duncan Ramsay

2019 - Edy Sirca

2020 - Edy Sirca

Arthur Harrison Award

2016 - Caroline Elliott

2017 - Richard Hawkins

2018 - Bill Oliver

2019 - Regan Bull

2020 - Peter Walton


Internal Mixed Competition

2018 End of Year Winners - Red Team

2019 Summer Competition Winners - Blue Team

2019 Autumn Competition Winners - Green Team

2019 End of Year Winners - Green Team

2020 Summer Competition - Suspended due to COVID-19

2020 Autumn Competition Winners - Green Team

2020 Spring Competition Winners - Red Team

2021 Autumn Competition Winners - Blue Team

Club Championships

Refer to the Club Championship website page for all draws and results