Club Championships

The Club Championships are held annually in mid to late October, with competitions for Men and Ladies in Singles, Doubles and Mixed play. There is also a Handicapped Championship Competition that enables players of all skill levels to compete  - with the potential to win the competition.

Junior Club Championships are held in about May of each year with competitions for Girls and Boys in age ranges 7 - 8, 9 - 10 and 11 - 13 including Singles and Doubles as demand dictates.

2022 Club Championships 

The Championships were run this year in October and November with the Men's Singles and Doubles spilling over into February / March 2023. 

We reduced the format to include just the Open Championships plus a Men's Plate competition. There were no handicap matches played this year. There was a good turnout for all competitions with six women's doubles pairings, five Women's singles, 13 Men's Plate Singles competitors, 11 Mixed Doubles pairings and 11 Men's Doubles pairings. This year the Men's Singles Plate Round was open to all players except the top five seeded men's club players. The top three players from the Men's Plate round graduated to the Men's Open Singles competition to make up the group of eight.

The standard of tennis across all competitions was high, with strong competition and a very good standard of tennis played.  Congratulations to all players and particularly the winners and runners up. Special congratulations to our new Men's Singles champion - Tim Thacker - who had been runner up to Andy Bennett for many years. Also to Nikki South and Sanjiv Gopinath for making it to the main honours board for the first time.

The 2022 winners / runners up are:

Men's Open Singles              Tim Thacker  / Jackson McGenniss                             

Ladies Open Singles             Lizzy Bull / Regan Bull

Men's Open Doubles             Tim Thacker & Jackson McGennis / Nima Kermani & Michael Armati

Ladies Open Doubles            Lizzy Bull & Regan Bull / Jenny Allan & Jacqui Halliday

Mixed Open Doubles             Nikki South & Sanjiv Gopinath / Jenny & Derek Allen

Men’s Singles Plate               Sanjiv Gopinath / Andrew Robertson

Club Champions

The  Club Champions Honours Board

2020 Club Champions Board

Mens Singles "Plate Award"

The Men's Singles Plate Honour Board. 

2020 Mens Singles Plate Board