Court Hire and Usage

Greenwich Tennis Club financial members may use the tennis courts for free unless they have hired the court exclusively for their use, in which case casual court hire fees are payable, as outlined below.

Non-members may only play on the courts if they have either booked and paid for the court, or if they are accompanying a financial member (adult or junior) in which case visitors fees are payable as outlined below. 

Courts may only be hired during the available times shown on the Court Availability Chart referred to below. 

Court Bookings and Payments

Court Hire Fees - Tennis courts may be booked for the exclusive use of a member or non-member at the rate of $20.00 per hour. Non-members may book the courts on Saturdays between the hours of 7.30am and 1.30pm.

Visitors Fees - are payable by non-members playing with an adult or junior member at the rate of $5:00 per person (unless the court has been exclusively booked)

Court bookings and court hire / visitor fee payments are to be made through the Booking Secretary: Caroline Elliott, 21 George St - Phone 0419 281 202 for details on how to make payment.

Court Etiquette

Please observe the tennis protocol / etiquette which has developed over the years to give all members a fair opportunity to play.  Generally this means that if all of the courts are being used then players waiting to play should wait no longer than 5 - 10 minutes maximum before they are invited by those playing to either join in or play. Click here  for full details on the Club's Court Usage / Etiquette.

Court Availability

Allocation of courts and clubhouse use is shown in the table below. Click here for a more detailed Court Availability Chart showing specific times on specific days for court availability.

Ball Machine Use

The Club owns a ball machine for adult members to use or for junior members under the age of 18 with adult supervision. A ball machine key is available for long term use through for a refundable fee of $50.  Click here for detailed Ball Machine Rules.