Club Championships

The Club Championships are held annually in mid to late October, with competitions for Men and Ladies in Singles, Doubles and Mixed play. There is also a Handicapped Championship Competition that enables players of all skill levels to compete  - with the potential to win the competition.

Junior Club Championships are held in about May of each year with competitions for Girls and Boys in age ranges 7 - 8, 9 - 10 and 11 - 13 including Singles and Doubles as demand dictates.

2019 Club Championships 

The 2019 Club Championships were played as usual during the latter part of October. The tennis throughout was played in great spirit and to a high standard. It is gratifying that the once struggling Ladies Open Singles event is still gaining momentum. A big thank-you goes out to all the ladies who participated and made this possible. 

For the first time since 2004, we had enough men’s singles entries to conduct the Men’s Singles Plate that is played by the first and second round losers in the men’s open singles.

Again, this year the Special (Handicap) events were conducted in a round-robin format, which has proved very popular with participants. It was very encouraging to see lots of entries as this gives those who are not necessarily the best players a chance to be on the courts over the two weekends.

The 2019 winners are:

Men's Open Singles                Andy Bennett                                

Ladies Open Singles              Janice Gibson

Men's Open Doubles              Nima Kermani & Jackson McGenniss

Ladies Open Doubles            Janice Gibson & Ruth Jarvis

Mixed Open Doubles             Regan Bull & Andy Bennett

Men’s Singles Plate               Dave Williams

Men’s Handicap Singles        Edy Sirca

Ladies Handicap Doubles     Liz Finniecome & Katrina Rendell

Mixed Handicap Doubles      Sharon Morse & Brendan Morse

Thank you in particular to the ever-energetic Tim Thacker, who ran the Club Championships and contributed hugely to their success.


Club Champions

The  photo of the Club Champions Honours Board from 1980 onwards is shown below.  Unfortunately the records from before this time are unknown.

Championship Board

Mens Singles "Plate Award"

The Men's Singles Plate award was held every year from 1991 - 2004 with those knocked out of the first or second round of the Men's Singles playing off for the trophy.  In subsequent years a Handicap competition has been held including men's and ladies singles and doubles and a mixed competition.