Club Championships

The Club Championships are held annually in mid to late October, with competitions for Men and Ladies in Singles, Doubles and Mixed play. There is also a Handicapped Championship Competition that enables players of all skill levels to compete  - with the potential to win the competition.

Junior Club Championships are held in the middle of part of the year with competitions for Girls and Boys in age ranges 7 - 8, 9 - 10 and 11 - 13 including Singles and Doubles as demand dictates.

2017 Club Championships

The 2017 Club Championships will be played on the weekends of 14th and 15th of October and the 28th and 29th of October. All entries are now closed and the Semi-Finals and Finals are to be played this weekend on 28th and 29th. Click on the links to the Rules and the Draws and Results for more information.

2016 Club Championships Roundup

The Club Championships were played during October 2016 across two competitions - The SPECIAL Handicap Competition (Round Robin event) and the OPEN (knock-out event) Competition. Details of the competition and rules can be found by Clicking Here. Summary results are in the table below and detailed results are in the hyper-linked "Results" section of this page.

A special thanks to ALL 35 competitors for the energy, enthusiasm and spirit of play, not to mention the considerable skill displayed.  And a BIG thank you to the 11 members who competed in the championships for the first time. Congratulations, well done and thank you for making this such a successful event. 

OPEN Men's Doubles - D. Karp in action, "shining the torch"

A LOT of tennis was played - over 570 individual games - spread mainly between the Round Robin weekend of 15 /16 October and the Semi-Finals / Finals weekend of 29 / 30 October.

The SPECIAL Handicap Competition was played for the first time in a fun Round Robin format with first, second and third places often separated by just one or two points.  Deciding finals rounds were played on Finals Day in the Men's Singles and Men's Doubles with very strong showings by the eventual winners - a summary of all results is shown below.

SPECIAL - Mixed Doubles Round Robin competitors

The OPEN Competition was extremely close, particularly in the doubles, where four of the six semi-finals doubles events were decided by either a tie-break or a super tie-break!

A VERY HIGH standard of tennis was on display in both the singles and doubles. Andy Bennett and Tim Thacker in the OPEN Men's Singles Final played to an amazing standard and had the watching crowd gasping (and applauding loudly) at their power and skill - a great match. In the doubles many experienced players with their names already on the Championship honours board competed intensely, mixing up power, touch and placement to the applause of an appreciative audience, making for a very memorable OPEN Championship.


OPEN - Ladies Doubles and Mixed Doubles Finalists

The honours were spread across 14 different players in the this year's OPEN and SPECIAL competitions with no player winning more than one title - a rare event in the Club's history.  Thank you again to all players and a special congratulations to the winners and runner-ups.

Summary of 2016 Results

Competition Event Winner Runner-Up
SPECIAL Ladies' Doubles C. Elliott / S. Morse R. Bull / F. Rowland
SPECIAL Mixed Doubles R. Hawkins / C. Nicholson M. Faigen / J. Marquard
SPECIAL Men's Doubles S. Gopinath / T. Ower H. Richardson / J.Wardman
SPECIAL Men's Singles M. Faigen D. Ramsay
OPEN Ladies' Doubles G. Thacker / J. Ford  A. Burley / B. Oliver
OPEN Mixed Doubles B. Geary / J. Marquard P. McIlwaine/G. Thacker
OPEN Men's Doubles P. McIlwaine / T. Thacker B. Geary / D. Karp
OPEN Men's Singles A. Bennett  T. Thacker


Club Champions

The  photo of the Club Champions Honours Board from 1980 onwards is shown below.  There was also an Honours Board listing the champions from when the Club commenced in 1967 - however this has unfortunately "gone missing".

Mens Singles "Plate Award"

The Men's Singles Plate award was held every year from 1991 - 2004 with those knocked out of the first or second round of the Men's Singles playing off for the trophy.  In subsequent years a Handicap competition has been held including men's and ladies singles and doubles and a mixed competition.