Club Championships

The Club Championships are held annually in mid to late October, with competitions for Men and Ladies in Singles, Doubles and Mixed play. There is also a Handicapped Championship Competition that enables players of all skill levels to compete  - with the potential to win the competition.

Junior Club Championships are held in about May of each year with competitions for Girls and Boys in age ranges 7 - 8, 9 - 10 and 11 - 13 including Singles and Doubles as demand dictates.

2020 Club Championships 

2020 was the year of the COVID 19 pandemic. With 70 participants it was also the year of the highest numbers of entrants into the club's Open and Handicap tennis championships.

The Club Championships were played as usual during October and then into November with three finals matches being held over to early December due to weather and player availability. All divisions of the championships were played except for the Handicap Ladies Singles which had insufficient entries to proceed. The Open Men's Singles had another very strong field which enabled the Plate competition to proceed for the second year running. 

The Handicap events were again conducted in a round-robin format, which has proved very popular with participants. It was very pleasing to see so many entrants and as usual a high standard of tennis was evident throughout the competitions. Congratulations to all players.

COMD Finalists 

CHCLD Finalists

The 2020 winners / runners up are:

Men's Open Singles              Andy Bennett   / Nima Kermani                             

Ladies Open Singles             Regan Bull / Jaqui Halliday

Men's Open Doubles             Nima Kermani & Jackson McGenniss / Andy Bennett & Michael Armati

Ladies Open Doubles            Gillian Thacker & Sharon Morse / Jane Marquard & Nikki South

Mixed Open Doubles             Brett Geary & Jane Marquard / Dennis Karp & Anna Marquard-Karp

Men’s Singles Plate               Stephen Green / John Gelagin

Men’s Handicap Singles        Duncan Ramsay / John Gelagin

Men's Handicap Doubles      Vincent Loh & John Wardman / David Williams & Josh Bull

Ladies Handicap Doubles     Gillian Thacker & Sharon Morse / Birgitta Bernerius & Jo Dryza

Mixed Handicap Doubles      Gillian Thacker & Peter McIlwaine / Sharon Morse & Brendan Morse

Thank you in particular to Tim Thacker and Richard Hawkins who coordinated the Club Championships and contributed hugely to their success. Link to Photos from the Championships.

Club Champions

The  Club Champions Honours Board from 1980 when Club Championship Tournaments commenced is shown below.

2020 Club Champions Board

Mens Singles "Plate Award"

The Men's Singles Plate award was held every year from 1991 - 2004 with those knocked out of the first or second round of the Men's Singles playing off for the trophy.  In subsequent years a Handicap competition has been held including men's and ladies singles and doubles and a mixed competition. The Men's Singles Plate competition was restarted again in 2019 and continues being a popular competition.

2020 Mens Singles Plate Board