Rules for Entry

All members (including junior members who feel they are capable of competing with adult members) are invited to enter the 2020 ANNUAL CLUB CHAMPIONSHIPS.

Key points are:-


You need to be available for at least part of the nominated days:

  • OPEN Championship Players

    • Starts 5th October (smaller draws can start later)
    • Saturday 24th October - SEMI FINALS DAY

    • Sunday 8th November - FINALS DAY

  • SPECIAL Championship Players

    • Womens: 31 October and 1 November

    • Mens: Sunday 25th October
    • Mixed: Sunday 25 October
    • Sunday 8th November - FINALS DAY

  • The OPEN CHAMPIONSHIP will be played in the same format as previous years, with early matches to be arranged personally between the players concerned. Further details below.

  • The SPECIAL CHAMPIONSHIP will be run in a Round Robin format this year similar to the current Internal Saturday Competition, with two separate pools played on either of the days noted above (to provide optional playing times). The aim is to encourage as many players of all standards to participate in a social format at common times to maximise interaction and fun. Further details below.




  • Ladies' and Men's Singles

  • Ladies' and Men's Doubles

  • Mixed Doubles


  • Ladies' and Men's Singles

  • Ladies' and Men's Doubles

  • Mixed Doubles

    Note: SPECIAL CHAMPIONSHIP events are available to those with an equivalent handicap of 4 or more for the Saturday Internal Competition (as at entry closing date). Individual handicaps will be reviewed by the Match Committee. See Match Play Rules below.


    Members and friends are welcome as spectators, particularly on FINALS DAY when the Club will provide some refreshments. Trophies will be presented at the Club Christmas Party - to be held this year on November 8th, after the OPEN FINALS.





    Completed ENTRY FORMS stating name(s) and events to be entered may be made:

If you do not have a partner for a doubles / mixed doubles event, state “PARTNER REQUIRED” and the Competition Secretary will try to find one for you.

ENTRIES CLOSE - at 5pm Thursday 17 September

  • OPEN CHAMPIONSHIP DRAW ARRANGEMENTS The OPEN Championships draw will be posted on the clubhouse window and online on the website and sent by email to all players. The phone number and email address of each player will be on the draw sheet to facilitate contact between players. OPEN CHAMPIONSHIP players must complete all matches up to and including the Quarter Finals by the end of Friday 23 October, after which the time draw for semi-finals will be made and then sent to all players involved. Players who qualify for semi-finals may send an email to the Competition Secretary requesting that they not be drawn at a particular time on SEMIFINALS DAY. Every effort will be made to accommodate the request, if possible. However, if your request cannot be satisfied and you are unable to play then regrettably you will have to forfeit.  For a valid reason a replacement partner may be substituted up until the time of the first scheduled match by notifying the committee member on duty or the Competition Secretary prior to the match being played. 
  • SPECIAL CHAMPIONSHIP DRAW ARRANGEMENTSThe SPECIAL Championship (Handicapped) draw will be posted on the website and sent by email to all players a week before the weekend of play commences.  Every attempt will be made to make the draw to suit availability.  
  • MATCH PLAY - OPEN CHAMPIONSHIPS - In OPEN CHAMPIONSHIP events, matches before the semi-finals will be one set, the winner(s) to be the first to win 8 games by a clear margin of 2 games, but a standard 7-point tiebreak to decide if the score gets to 8 all. In semi-finals and finals, matches will be 2 sets (standard tiebreak at 6 all), but if sets are tied at 1 each, the winner to be decided by a ‘super’ tiebreak to 10 points, with a clear margin of 2 points. 
    The SPECIAL CHAMPIONSHIP events prior to the Finals will be played in the same format as the Saturday Internal Competition, with players playing each other in a Round Robin format in the best of 8 game sets – each event estimated to take 90 minutes maximum (The winners will be the ones with the most points). Details will be provided once the draw has been finalised.
     SPECIAL Finals - one "set" of 12 games will be played for each final and the winner will be the player(s) with the most points (after adding their games won to their handicap for singles matches; and after adding their games won to the combined handicap and dividing by 2 for doubles matches). In the event of a tie after 12 games then the next game wins.  

The draw for each event will be available on the club’s web site. It will also be posted in the club house. It is incumbent on each player in the OPEN draw to arrange a time with their respective opponent.  The result of each match should be emailed to the Competition Secretary at and written on the draw sheet in the club house.


Entries for the 2020 GTC Tennis Championships are now open!


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